David K. Donovan; Financial Expert with a Niche in IT Consulting

David K. Donovan FidelityDavid Donovan is a well-respected business professional with years of managerial experience in the financial services industry and a deep understanding of how technology can radically transform global businesses. Donovan currently serves as the Global Portfolio Lead within the investment banking vertical in Sapient Global Markets, a premier IT consulting company. It is his role to provide innovative solutions and lead transformational programs all the way from strategy to execution in order to ensure Sapient’s competitive advantage in the industry. Donovan travels around the world to collaborate with global investment banks such as Merrill Lynch and UBS, but spends the majority of his time in Boston and New York to lead Sapient’s key strategic initiatives with the ultimate goal of driving revenue.

Donovan came to Sapient ten years ago when a mutual contact recognized the value of Donovan’s professional background and extensive list of business contacts. 

Sapient requested Donovan’s service in building a trading and task management practice, and Donovan accepted the challenge. He leveraged his key connections and 20+ years of Wall Street experience to provide the leadership and competitive edge that Sapient needed to grow into the IT consulting powerhouse it is today. Through his guidance and managerial expertise, Donovan was able to grow that fledgling practice into a $100M investment banking division.

Since his start with Sapient in 2005, Donovan has brought the company a decade of international customers, valuable exposure, and unprecedented growth. Donovan has been the primary strategist in bringing valuable customers to Sapient’s doors, including UBS, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Barclay’s Capital. UBS is particularly noteworthy example: Mr. Donovan made the initial connection between Sapient and UBS in 2006, and since then, has been responsible for transforming Sapient into the #1 quality-rated offshore provider of all UBS preferred vendors. In turn, he has also helped UBS grow into what it is today, with over $20M in revenue and global resources in London, Hong Kong, and New Delhi.

Before his transition to Sapient, Mr. Donovan spent over 20 years on Wall Street, rapidly moving up the ranks in Fidelity Investments, and eventually becoming its leading institutional equity trader with an unheard-of annual return of over 100%. Thanks to his stellar track record and superior work ethic, Mr. Donovan became one of Fidelity’s most trusted high-level traders, and was the only trader allowed to proprietarily trade for five major funds, all while providing leadership for the company’s Technology Group.

Mr. Donovan is a 1986 Boston College graduate with a degree in Business and Finance. He played varsity football for four years and has continued a strong and personal relationship with his alma mater over the last 25+ years. Donovan is responsible BC’s athletic scholarship, “The Donovan Family Scholarship Fund”, which he has fully endowed since 2003 and is awarded to promising student athletes.